So what the Pluck is this all about?

No weddings, no apology bouquets. The funnest part of flowers is picking out and arranging the perfect bouquet. And who are we to keep that good flower plucking all to ourselves!? At Pluck we want to share that floral design experience with you. Whether your looking for a fun way to celebrate a birthday, bachelorette weekend, or simply want to have a fun Friday in with your friends, we come to you with everything you could possibly need for your entire party to walk away with an eye-catching arrangement to sit proudly on your kitchen table. Because when you’re tiredly reaching for that coffee in the morning, having some flowers smiling your way makes you feel like today could be a good plucking day.


Who the Pluck are you?

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Kat Reiser

Your floral arranging spirit guide

Kat is the founder and lead instructor at Pluck. She believes everyone is creatively capable, and floral arranging is an excellent way of unleashing your creative energy. Her love of flowers translates into the bestest, most useful, plant-filled class you will ever take in your plucking life. Kat is passionate and opinionated about all aspects of life, so please excuse her salty language.