Assemble a group of 7 or more

7 is a magic number. It is also the minimum number of people we require to teach a workshop.


Select a date on our calendar

Our design workshop lasts about 2 hours, give or take a bit for prep and clean-up. Choose an available date to book a time for one of our instructors to come out to you and your party.


Register Online

Class fees are paid in full when you book your time. Refunds are available up to 3 days before your scheduled event.

Plan your party

Now the fun really begins. Choose from one of our existing arrangements or work with us to create your own theme. These aren’t your grandma’s flowers. We aim to bring you something truly unique and modern, so you can share your badass flower arranging skills on instagram and make sure all your friends know that you are not messing around.


and it’s Time to Pluck

Now it’s time to unleash your inner creative forces and get to flower arranging! We bring everything you and your group need to create your designs, so all you need to provide is a sink (and maybe some wine for your friends, if you’re inclined). Things can get a bit messy so don’t wear anything you would’t want to get a bit wet.